Cased Hole Logging

Cased-hole logging is frequently performed to help operators obtain additional information from the formation and to evaluate the completion of the well. BGES is well experienced in a wide range of wireline services, including specialty logs for evaluation casing integrity and formation evaluation, downhole pressure/temperature data acquisition, conventional production logging, and common mechanical services such as perforating and plug setting. To ensure that the desired depth is reached in wells of different orientations, multiple conveyance methods are available, depending on the customer’s application.

BGES has extensive experience in cased-hole log analysis and interpretation. Our technical team understands that important decisions affecting wellsite operations must often be made promptly. Consequently, we are committed to providing a fast turnaround on log processing and interpretation services.

Casing & Cement Integrity

Corrosion or other forms of mechanical damages are commonly seen in cased wells. Compromised casing integrity can have a severe impact on production and the environment. BGES’ suite of casing integrity evaluation services are offered to provide extensive corrosion inspection in production, injection and disposal wells. Our Radial Cement Bond Log is widely used for evaluation of cement sheath bonding to casing and formation while detecting signs of channeling. It is most powerful when combined with our corrosion evaluation tool, multi-finger imaging caliper and the gyro inclinometer for a complete evaluation of casing and cement integrity. The Ultrasonic Imaging Tool can also be used to analyze casing damage, evaluate cement bond quality and inspect perforations quality.

In addition to the above logs, a Temperature Injection Profile can also be conducted to evaluate cement quality or frac treatment and to locate lost circulation zones or casing leaks. TIP typically includes a baseline temperature log and multiple additional logging passes taken after an injection. The logs are presented as composite overlay to provide a comprehensive picture of the exact placement of the injected fluid. This gives a clear indication of the mechanical integrity of the well and fluid movement from the wellbore.

Radial Analysis Cement Bond Log

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Casing Integrity Evaluation

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Ultrasonic Imaging Tool

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Formation Evaluation

Formation evaluation is not limited to an open-hole application. A number of cased-hole logs can be done to analyze formation properties even after a well is completed. The Cased Hole Analysis Tool is a modular, multi-sensor measurement system capable of providing accurate data about reservoir rock parameters, fluid types, and fluid movement in and around the wellbore through the casing. It is designed based on the same principals as open-hole logs and can deliver comparable results. The convention compensated neutron log is commonly used for formation porosity determination, lithology identification and gas detection. The gamma ray casing collar locator is primarily used for depth correlation within well, between wells, and between logging runs, while it can also be used to quantify the formation’s shale volume.

Cased-Hole Analysis Tool

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Downhole Monitoring / Data Acquisition

BGES provides reliable short- to medium-term as well as permanent downhole pressure and temperature monitoring options for optimal reservoir and/or water zone measurements. A static pressure measurement using high-precision and reliable downhole memory recorders is a cost-effective way to obtain a stabilized reservoir pressure, which is of great importance in many applications. The permanent monitoring system is installed in the well as an integral part of the completion. Its durable components are able to withstand extreme temperature conditions for long-term applications.

Production Logging

BGES is equipped to help customers evaluate and diagnose production problems with the cased-hole analysis tool (CHAT) and the full suite of conventional logs including gamma ray (GR), compensated neutron (CNL), temperature and noise logs. Our technical team understands that important decisions affecting production must often be made promptly. Consequently, we are committed to providing a fast turnaround on log processing and interpretation services.

Other Mechanical Services

  • Perforating (wireline and TCP)
  • Setting & pulling a variety of plugs (WR bridge plug , production packer, cement retainer, junk catcher & gauge ring)
  • Dump bailing (permanent plug for zone isolation)
  • Swabbing
  • Hydraulic packoff for high-pressure applications