BGES is dedicated to providing best-in-class service; we are professionals serving professionals.

Founded in 1996, Big Guns Energy Services (BGES) has expanded significantly through innovation and technological advancement to be the leader of geoscience, engineering and testing services; providing end-to-end solutions in GeoContainment™, formation evaluation and reservoir characterization.  Today, BGES is the largest privately-held provider of integrated GeoContainment™ services for the petroleum and mining industries in Canada.  Headquartered in Calgary, the company also has a geotechnical lab in Calgary and field offices in Red Deer and Bonnyville.

After a series of strategic restructuring activities, the company is completely transformed from an oilfield service company to a technology and knowledge-based professional consulting & service business.  Our key clients are major oil & gas producers who value safety and environmental protection, ethical conduct, knowledge, high-quality information and professionalism.

BGES’ most distinctive attribute is the constant synergy within our strong operational foundation and technical expertise.  Our technical team includes Professional Engineers & Geologists and a well-respected geomechanical expert in Alberta.  The operations team consists of experienced technicians with specialized training.  Additionally, the in-house R&D team has developed a proprietary methodology for analyzing caprock integrity that encompasses a number of specialized processes for acquiring, storing, transporting and testing caprock samples.  This proprietary approach for analyzing caprock integrity has so significantly contributed to technological advancement in the field that BGES’ paper, “Practical Approach to Caprock Analysis,” has been selected for publication at three major technical conferences.

In 2015, BGES has celebrated a year in iconic achievements; the company was named one of the Top 200 companies by Alberta Oil Magazine and received the “Consultancy of the Year Award” at the Canada Oil & Gas Awards.  The Consultancy of the Year Award recognizes third party business consultancy services provided to the energy industry with the winner selected by a panel of judges consisting of experienced professionals, independent experts and respected industry veterans.  One of the judges brilliantly summarized BGES’ achievements in the following remark:

“Big Guns has demonstrated an innovative quality that saw them branch out into a new business line that leveraged their existing skills yet filled a new niche for its clients. Big Guns has redesigned itself as the needs of the industry has changed as is exemplified by its geocontainment business. Understanding the movement and preventing unwanted migration of injected fluid into reservoirs helps reduce negative environmental impacts and safety concerns.”