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Canada’s leading provider of integrated GeoContainment™ evaluation, geoscience, engineering and wireline services to the energy & mining industries.

Oil sands & heavy Oil

Storage cavern 

Our solutions are also suitable for Potash/Solution Mining, Natural Gas, CBM, Geothermal, and other unconventional or renewable resource development & operation.

The BGES Advantage

The science for geocontainment exists, but is often challenging to apply and implement in a real-life application such as the harsh field environment with many uncontrolled variables. BGES excels in bridging the science-practice gap by having diligent field operations backed by a multi-disciplinary technical team of Registered Professional Engineers and Geologists, along with custom-designed equipment and proprietary work processes.

At BGES, we take great pride in the quality of our work.


It is the containing of subsurface operations within their designed system and is a vast subject involving the study of geology, rock properties, reservoir parameters, in-situ stresses, and changes in thermal / stress fields during operation. Rock layers directly above subsurface operations, or the caprock, must display sufficient integrity to act as a seal. Evaluation of the underburden is also important in some applications to ensure complete containment.

BGES’ GeoContainment and complementary services can bring many important benefits:

Environmental Protection

In recent years the number of caprock failures in the oil sands and collapses in salt caverns has made subsurface GeoContainment(tm) critical for public safety and environmental protection.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations require that the caprocks have adequate integrity to contain the underlying steam, bitumen, waste or other stored fluids. BGES provides a full range of technical consulting and field services carefully tailored to meet the AER and CSA requirements.

Production Optimization

BGES also offers services that can optimize reservoir management strategies, improve productivity, as well as troubleshoot or de-bottleneck production challenges.


Integration of Services

From wellsite core collection, geotechnical lab testing, cased-hole logging, reservoir and caprock injection testing, data analyses, project management, regulatory reporting, to computer simulation and numerical modelling, our comprehensive and customizable service model offers maximum flexibility for our clients.


Geotechnical lab tests


Intergrated wireline solutions


Engineered injection tests


Project management & Consulting



What People Say

“BGES’ operation and technical teams have been diligent, resourceful and accountable from the program planning phase to the final deliverables… Throughout this time, I remain impressed with the high standard of service we received from BGES.”

BGES’ Long-term Client

“Big Guns development of processes to achieve geo-containment is a major accomplishment… Caprock containment is not only critical for the economic success of these projects but also ensures safety and environmental protection. The Big Guns process has been proven to work and has received international recognition. Their process is considered to be a critical factor in the future success of in-situ recovery projects.”

Canada Oil & Gas Awards Judges

“Big Guns Energy Services is leading integration of GeoContainment evaluation in the Canadian oil sands. With an emphasis on science and implementation, BGES is an energy services company for a new generation of natural resources development.”

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