About Us

Canada’s leading provider of integrated GeoContainment™ evaluation services

BGES was launched in 1996 as Big Guns Perforating & Logging, a cased-hole wireline company. In 2010, the company name was changed to Big Guns Energy Services (BGES) to reflect its expanding portfolio of service offerings.

Over the past decade, BGES has been transformed from an oilfield service company to a technology- and knowledge-based professional consulting and testing service provider.

Today, it is the largest privately-held provider of integrated GeoContainment™ services for the petroleum and mining industries in Canada. The company specializes in various types of reservoir and caprock injection testing, geotechnical lab testing, cased-hole logging and perforating, data collection and analysis, numerical modelling and simulation, technical consulting, as well as project management. Our key clients are major oil & gas producers, midstream companies, and solution mining operators who value safety and environmental protection, ethical conduct, knowledge, high-quality information and professionalism. Additionally, BGES performs research & development to develop proprietary test methodologies, processes, tools and equipment.

BGES is the recipient of the Inaugural Canada Oil & Gas Awards “Consultancy of the Year”.

The Consultancy of the Year Award recognizes third party business consultancy services provided to the energy industry with the winner selected by a panel of judges consisting of experienced professionals, independent experts and respected industry veterans. One of the judges brilliantly summarized BGES’ achievements in the following remark:

“Big Guns has demonstrated an innovative quality that saw them branch out into a new business line that leveraged their existing skills yet filled a new niche for its clients. Big Guns has redesigned itself as the needs of the industry has changed as is exemplified by its geocontainment business. Understanding the movement and preventing unwanted migration of injected fluid into reservoirs helps reduce negative environmental impacts and safety concerns.”

Our Team

Mr. Lee is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer of BGES. In 2004, Mr. Lee joined BGES to lead the engineering and technical team with a strong focus on technical expertise in log quality control, log interpretation and casing vent flow analysis. In 2007, Mr. Lee became a member of the BGES’ board of directors. 

Dickson Lee, P.Eng, M.Eng., MBA


Mr. McPhedran, founder of Big Guns Perforating & Logging Inc., has been serving as the Chief Financial Officer of the company since its inception in 1996. In 2013, Mr. McPhedran became President & CFO of what is now Big Guns Energy Services Inc. (BGES). He completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Duncan McPhedran, CMA

Founder, President & CFO

Mr. Naumescu is the Vice President of Operations and has been with BGES since 2011. Prior to this appointment, he formerly served as the Business Development Manager. During this tenure, his strong skills and deep knowledge in tool development and product line management have proven to be an asset for the executive team.

Alex Naumescu

Vice President of Operations