Intervention solutions for production improvement​​

For directional well pairs or wells placed in close proximity to one another, a reliable means of measuring the downhole distance and direction of the adjacent well is critical during drilling operations. Magnetic ranging is a common technique to locate the relative position of two wellbores in various applications such as SAGD, coal bed methane, well-pair drilling, relief wells, or wellbore intersection. BGES is experienced in customizing our ranging service for a variety of applications and objectives.​


Magnetic ranging is required for well-pair drilling in thermal in-situ schemes, coal bed methane production, and geothermal energy production, etc.​

Features & Benefits

Experienced personnel at BGES can help clients with job planning, field coordination and job execution.​


Ranging projects can be tailored to meet clients’’ operational needs with a key focus on reliability and efficiency.​

Integration of Services

From wellsite core collection, geotechnical lab testing, cased-hole logging, reservoir and caprock injection testing, data analyses, project management, regulatory reporting, to computer simulation and numerical modelling, our comprehensive and customizable service model offers maximum flexibility for our clients.

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