Our Philosophy

Applying science to prevent safety, environmental and financial disasters

At BGES, we believe in applying science to prevent safety, environmental and financial disasters.

Geocontainment™ is the containing of subsurface operations within their designed systems to prevent undesirable environmental and safety consequences. The structural integrity of rock layers directly above (the caprocks) determines their adequacy to act as a capping seal for the subsurface operation. Geocontainment and caprock integrity is a vast subject involving the study of geology, geomechanical properties, reservoir parameters, in situ stresses, and changes in thermal/stress fields during operation. With the number of caprock failures in the oil sands and collapses in salt caverns in recent years, subsurface reservoir geocontainment becomes increasingly critical for public safety and environmental protection.

The science for geocontainment exists, but involves a significant amount of detailed engineering and geological input, and is challenging to apply in the harsh field environment with many uncontrolled variables. BGES specializes in bridging this science-practice gap by having a multi-disciplinary engineering/geoscience technical team working closely with our experienced and specially-trained operations personnel.

What People Say

“Big Guns development of processes to achieve geo-containment is a major accomplishment… Caprock containment is not only critical for the economic success of these projects but also ensures safety and environmental protection. The Big Guns process has been proven to work and has received international recognition. Their process is considered to be a critical factor in the future success of in-situ recovery projects.”

Canada Oil & Gas Awards Judges

“Big Guns Energy Services is leading integration of GeoContainment evaluation in the Canadian oil sands. With an emphasis on science and implementation, BGES is an energy services company for a new generation of natural resources development.”

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