Technical Expertise + Superior Operation + R&D and Technology
= Quality Deliverables + Premium Service

BGES is not a conventional oilfield service company – it is a one-of-a-kind, award-winning, integrated geoscience, engineering, and data acquisition company run by trusted professionals.

One-Stop Solution

The company’s mandate is to optimize Clients’ operations through customizable one-stop solutions that may include any combinations of the following services:
  • core acquisition, storage, analysis and preservation at the drill site,
  • core sample preparation and lab testing,
  • cased-hole logging,
  • engineered field injection tests,
  • numerical modelling / simulation,
  • a full suite of standard or specialized wireline services, and
  • project management and technical consulting services.
With a seamless integration of multiple services, we simplify communication, field coordination, job execution and post-job support, thereby streamlining our Clients’ vendor management process while minimizing wait time at job site. As a single source provider of packaged services and support, we are able to control and stand behind the quality of our work and deliverables.

Science-Practice Integration

BGES recognizes the importance in using scientific knowledge and reliable data to support any exploration, development and operational decisions. Our science-practice integration model is made possible through a blend of technical expertise, specialized operational personnel, field & laboratory experiments, cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange, real-life experience, technology development, and proprietary test procedures to bridge the science-practice implementation gap. Ongoing R&D and Continuous Improvement efforts are supported by a team of geoscience & engineering professionals and experienced field technicians.


Quality is the result of diligence, intelligence and continuous effort, which is what we always strive for at BGES. Providing outstanding quality data and service is our core value — because our Clients’ success is our success.