Technical Expertise + Superior Operation + R&D and Technology
= Quality Deliverables + Premium Service

BGES: The Unconventional, Award-Winning Integrated Geoscience, Engineering, and Data Acquisition Company Run by Trusted Professionals

One-Stop Solution

The company’s mandate is to optimize Clients’ operations through one-stop solutions that may include any combinations of the following services:

  • core acquisition, storage, analysis and preservation at the drill site,
  • core sample preparation and lab testing,
  • cased-hole logging,
  • engineered field injection tests,
  • numerical modelling / simulation,
  • a full suite of standard or specialized wireline services, and
  • project management and technical consulting services.

Experience streamlined communication, efficient field coordination, seamless job execution, and prompt post-job support through our integrated suite of services. By consolidating multiple offerings into a single source solution, we optimize our Clients’ vendor management process and drastically improve efficiency at jobsite. As a trusted single-source provider of comprehensive services and support, we maintain complete control over the quality of our work and deliverables.

Science-Practice Integration

We understand the significance of leveraging scientific knowledge and reliable data for informed exploration, development, and operational decisions. Our unique science-practice integration model combines technical expertise, specialized personnel, field and laboratory experiments, cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange, real-life experience, technology development, and proprietary test procedures. This comprehensive approach effectively bridges the gap between scientific theory and practical implementation. Supported by a team of geoscience and engineering professionals, as well as experienced field technicians, we prioritize ongoing research and development, as well as continuous improvement efforts. Trust us to deliver exceptional results driven by cutting-edge expertise and a commitment to excellence.


​Our company is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality through unwavering diligence, intelligence, and continuous effort. Our core value revolves around providing outstanding quality data and services, as we prioritize the success of our clients, which in turn becomes our success. Trust us to consistently deliver excellence, as we strive to exceed expectations and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. Experience the difference of working with a company that values and focuses on quality in every aspect of our operations.