Integrated Solutions for Geothermal or other forms of renewable energy sources​

Geothermal power utilizes the Earth’s geothermal resources (heat) to generate electricity or other direct applications such as local heating systems. It is an environmentally-friendly form of renewable energy source. Typically, wells are drilled into deep underground aquifers that have been heated by the Earth’s core. The hot water (flash steam power) or steam (dry steam power) from these wells are used to drive turbines in a geothermal power plant to generate electricity. Some newer technologies (such as Eavor™) require the drilling of two side-by-side wells connected in a U-shape. Geothermal energy is used to heat up the circulating fluid like a subsurface heat exchanger.​

Nonetheless, the use of deep, high-pressure wells may pose environmental risks such as uncontrolled steam/fluid seepage and surface instability. BGES offers a variety of solutions to geothermal power plants and development projects to ensure safe and environmentally responsible operation. ​

Magnetic Ranging

For geothermal energy technologies that require directional drilling of two or more adjacent wells, BGES provides reliable magnetic ranging services, with complete field coordination, to help precisely locate the relative position of two wellbores while drilling.

Cased-Hole Logging

BGES is highly skilled in conducting a full suite of cased-hole logging, perforating, and related auxiliary services. With over 23 years of experience in wireline services, we are dedicated to helping customers with any complex wireline projects in the most challenging environments. We take pride in being an end-to-end provider of a wide spectrum of logging, perforating and testing needs.​

Mini-Frac / DFIT

Mini-frac (or DFIT) is one of the most common and reliable techniques for indirectly measuring the formation’s minimum in-situ stress, which is a critical parameter for determining safe operating pressure and caprock integrity. BGES’ analysis approach provides consistent interpretation using a combination of diagnostic tools to give the most dependable results. A comprehensive analysis and interpretation of results is conducted by experienced technical professionals.​

Project Management & Consulting

BGES’ project management / technical consulting services provide valuable technical inputs for test planning, field coordination, regulatory compliance or various forms of geomechanical studies , such as the study of formation mechanical properties, local stress fields and wellbore stability. ​