Geoscience & Geotechnical Evaluations

Specializes in the evaluation of oil sands, salt and caprock cores, with proprietary processes for analyzing caprock integrity

BGES’ geoscience group and geotechnical lab specialize in the evaluation of oil sands, salt and caprock cores. Our geotechnical lab is one of the rare few in North America with high-temp full core triaxial apparatus and salt testing capability. We fully understand the importance of caprock integrity, and utilize proprietary methodology for analyzing caprock integrity that includes a number of specialized processes for acquiring, storing, transporting and testing caprock samples. Numerical modelling and computer simulation is a valuable complement to our geotechnical lab testing services.

From wellsite geology, on-site core retrieval and preservation, to lab testing and simulations, we take pride in being a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of geoscience and geotechnical evaluations needs.