Integrated Solutions for Natrual Gas & Coal-Bed Methane

BGES has been serving western Canada’s upstream natural gas industry since 1996. Our portfolio of production optimization and GeoContainment™ solutions has also been customized to meet the needs of tight and shale gas as well as coal bed methane (CBM) productions in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Because gas has significantly higher mobility in reservoir rocks than oil, GeoContainment™ is crucial for natural gas and CBM production. Rock layers directly above gas reservoir (the caprock) as well as the surface casing must demonstrate adequate integrity in order to prevent the migration of gas or other formation fluids to groundwater sources. BGES offers a variety of services to help ensure efficient and safe natural gas production. ​

Magnetic Ranging

For CBM or other production techniques that require directional drilling of two or more adjacent wells, BGES provides reliable magnetic ranging services, with complete field coordination, to help precisely locate the relative position of two wellbores while drilling.

Cased-Hole Logging

BGES is highly skilled in conducting a full suite of cased-hole logging, perforating, and related auxiliary services. With over 23 years of experience in wireline services, we are dedicated to helping customers with any complex wireline projects in the most challenging environments. We take pride in being an end-to-end provider of a wide spectrum of logging, perforating and testing needs.

Perforation Inflow Diagnostics (PID)

PID is a cost-effective alternative to conventional well test for estimating initial reservoir pressure, formation permeability and skin in low-permeability reservoirs.

Surface Casing Vent Flow Diagnostics

SCVF refers to unwanted gas and/or liquid flows to surface either between the surface/production casing annulus or outside the surface casing. BGES is experienced in providing a series of services to diagnose and remedy problematic wells affected by SCVF.

Surface & Downhole Data Acquisition

BGES offers a wide variety of reliable and cost-effective surface and downhole pressure, temperature and rate monitoring solutions ideal for applications including reservoir and/or water zone monitoring, isolation testing, interference/communication testing, and offset frac monitoring. Installation can be achieved without a service or drilling rig. Collected data can be conveniently viewed from your office or on your mobile phone in real-time.

Project Management & Consulting

BGES’ project management / technical consulting services provide cost-effective solutions and valuable technical inputs for test planning, field coordination, regulatory compliance or complete geomechanical studies.